It’s certainly been an interesting couple of months adapting to the changes COVID 19 has placed on us. It’s mostly been business as usual for us with some of our training programs are having a small break, the majority have continued with a few changes having been made to the delivery.

Our training partner Medecs Learning have launched their online learning with great success, and are still running classes, just with smaller numbers. We have moved the delivery of our Certificate III Individual Support program to the St Michaels Hall where we have more room and our Food Safety program has been spread over two kitchens.

The past few months has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate our training programs and we have made some changes that we are looking forward to implementing over the coming months. We are always looking for ways to improve our programs to make sure we are offering high quality programs for our learners.

I think we now have a new “normal” that we must adapt to and we look forward to moving forward with our clients into the new world. Stay Safe!